Gun Destructions continue in Africa

Just over a month after Gun Destruction Day was marked, IANSA members report on continuous efforts to collect and destroy weapons in Africa. In Luanda, Angola, 76,859 firearms were seized this year, according to the National Commission for Disarmament. In Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo 390 guns were destroyed at the UN Stabilisation Mission (MONUSCO) on 30 July 2010. The US Government is providing $1 million for Guinea-Bissau’s efforts to destroy landmines, arms and munitions. 1,217 illegal small arms have been destroyed by the police in Mwanza Region, Tanzania. Furhter, an earlier destruction in Morogoro in July led to a total of 5,660 arms being destroyed with technical and financial support from RECSA through a project funded by the government of Japan. Peter McOmalla of Tanzania Action Network on Small Arms and Hurepi Trust said "this destruction was very important to prove to Tanzanians that we are really implementing the Nairobi Protocol on small arms".