Ghana: WANEP warns of arms and ammunition smuggled into the country

In Ghana, the West Africa Network for Peace building (WANEP) has issued a security alert after 56 foreign nationals carrying significant amounts of arms and ammunition have been arrested near the Ivorian border. WANEP commented, “Our concern is that these arrests could be only the tip of the iceberg … many more illegal arms and ammunitions may have been smuggled into the country as a result of our “porous” borders.We are worried that the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Ghana, in its latent stage, might be used as an opportunity by conflict profiteers such as arms dealers and mercenaries to promote armed violence”.They urged the police to conduct periodic community swoops to retrieve arms and ammunitions, and appealed to immigration, customs and security agencies to be more vigilant and conduct border patrols to reduce the influx of small arms into the country.