Brazil: Government launches new disarmament plan ahead of 2014 FIFA World Cup

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has launched a plan to promote disarmament ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Brazil. It includes activities such as giving free tickets, footballs and shirts signed by footballers in return for guns handed in to authorities, and melting surrendered guns to make them into goalposts to be used during World Cup games. Alice Andrés Ribeiro said the plan “sends a clear message of how important it is to take guns out of circulation, to prevent violence. This is especially important in Brazil, a country where more than 35,000 people were killed with firearms in 2010 alone – 97 victims per day, 1 every 15 minutes. This initiative will boost the ongoing efforts led by the police to apprehend guns, and the Buy-back Campaign led by the Ministry of Justice with the support of the civil society and the Brazilian Disarmament Network (Rede Desarma Brasil)– thus helping to take more firearms out of circulation”.