South Sudan: Disarmament campaign begins in Jonglei state

In South Sudan, more than 2,000 guns have been collected as part of a disarmament campaign in Jonglei state, led by the national army. According to army officials, 3,000 soldiers have been stationed in the state to support the disarmament process which aims to put an end to armed violence in pastoralist communities in the region. The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has stated that it will provide support by collecting weapons and monitoring developments in the region, but stressed that the disarmament process will only be successful if it is carried out as part of a comprehensive approach to peace, justice and reconciliation, and includes protection of the communities by security forces. Special Representative and Head of UNMISS, Hilde F. Johnson said, “UNMISS will support a peaceful civilian disarmament process which involves communities voluntarily giving up their illegal weapons following sensitisation from local community leaders and government officials”.