India: One-day consultation on gun violence survivors’ rights

Manipur Women Survivors Gun Network and Control Arms Foundation of India, IANSA members in India, conducted a one-day community consultation to commemorate the Week of Action. The consultation highlighted survivors’ rights in conflict-ridden zones and called on the government to provide victim assistance and include provisions for it in the ATT. It also included a screening of the film, “The story of Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network” and a discussion on the UNPoA. Panelists included several professors from Manipur University and civil society representatives including Mrs. Rose Mangsi, President of the Kuki Women Organisation, W. Joykumar, Human Rights Initiative, and Ms. Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder of Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network. N. Edina and Mr. Philem Johnson of Moirang shared testimonies of survivors. Guests of honor included the Deputy Chief of Missions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.