Ethiopia: Did famine relief money buy guns?

Allegations that money raised by Live Aid was diverted to buy guns instead of bringing relief to the Ethiopian famine of 1985 have been disputed by the charity's frontman, Sir Bob Geldof. The allegations were made in a BBC radio investigation which suggested that only 5% of the $100m (£65m) - much of which came from the Live Aid campaign - was used to feed the starving. Geldof told the London Times that while some funds may have been misused, the abuse could not have been on the scale suggested, or far more people would have died in the famine. Ethiopia's honorary consul-general, Graham Romanes, who managed the 1984 famine relief effort for Community Aid Abroad, supported Geldof's assurances, saying the rebels used AK47s captured from the military government, and did not need to buy weapons. More