IANSA members in Brazil react to Rio de Janeiro school shooting

The death toll from yesterday's shooting in the Tasso da Silveira primary school, Rio de Janeiro, rose to 13 as a 13 year old boy who had been injured by a bullet died in local hospital late yesterday. In an interview with local media, Antonio Rangel of Viva Rio, an IANSA member group in Rio de Janeiro, said, "The gun law in Brazil is very good, the problem is that it is not enforced. It sets out requirements that  should apply to someone who wishes to buy a gun, but shopkeepers ignore them. The army, who should be monitoring the gun sellers, also do nothing. Today, anyone can buy a gun in Brazil (...). We need a prosecutor and authorities that are more active, fulfilling their role of enforcing the basics: namely, respect for law. "

Sou da Paz, an IANSA member based in São Paulo said:

"Many media outlets were speculating about the motives, the consequences and how this tragedy could have been avoided. However, little is said about the weapons used, how were they acquired? Where were they manufactured? What we know is that this sad episode only this proportion reached dire because of the presence of firearms.

This is not an isolated fact. Currently 34,000 Brazilians die every year as victims of a firearm - and most of these people are killed for trivial reasons: bar fights, fights fans, discord, jealousy. How can we reduce this number? Supporting two measures that are alreary in place could help a lot: the ongoing campaign for voluntary surrender of firearms; and Disarmament Statute. You can also join the public Disarmament Campaign in your town here".