Accreditation and registration for UNPoA Review Conference now open

Accreditation and registration for the Review Conference on the PoA are now open. The Aide Mémoire for NGOs is available below.

1) The organisations having participated in the PrepCom in March 2012 on the PoA are not required to apply for accreditation for the Conference. They must pre-register their representatives before August 17, 2012 via CSO Net at:

At the end of the pre-registration, each pre-registered representative will be able to download a confirmation letter through CSONet. This letter will be required for on-site registration at the United Nations.

2) Organisations not having participated in the PoA PrepCom in March 2012 must apply for accreditation for the conference before June 30, 2012, by visiting the following site:

It is advisable to check first if your organisation already has a profile on the CSONet, searching the database of profiles at:

If your organisation is not part of CSONet, please create your profile by going to:

To do this, make sure you select ECOSOC Consultative Status in Main Objective, regardless of your status with the United Nations.

You will be informed by email, by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs, before July 6, 2012, if the application for certification has met the requirements and if such a request will be forwarded to Member States for consideration on a no-objection basis. It is expected that NGOs will be notified by email before 27 July 2012 on the outcome of their application for accreditation to the Conference.

Once accreditation is approved, organisations must pre-register before August 17, 2012 their representatives through CSONet by visiting the following site:

To summarise: 

1. Organisations who attended the PrepCom POA in March 2012 must pre-register their representatives through the CSO Web before August 17, 2012

2. For other organisations: the following two steps must be completed:
a) Accreditation of the organisation (through CSONet) before June 30, 2012
b) Once accreditation is approved, pre-registration of representatives (via CSONet) before August 17, 2012

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