UN: IANSA Women at the Commission for the Status of Women

IANSA Women have an active presence at the UN Commission for the Status of Women, taking place at the UN in New York from the 22 February-4 March. On 23 February, the IANSA Women ’s Network co-sponsored a side event on “The Precarious Progress of Women, Peace & Security”. IANSA woman Jasmin Nario-Galacespoke at the event about her experience working on peace and security in the Philippines . Jasmin also spoke during a session on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on how the new action network ‘Women Engaged in Action on 1325’, has been working on implementing the Philippine National Action Plan on women, peace and security - the first of its kind to integrate the issue of small arms. Martha Quintero, an IANSA woman from Colombia , was also in the panel. More